EVB Press

EVB Press is part of the Ending Victimisation and Blame organisation who engage in training, consultancy and campaigning around domestic and sexual violence and abuse. Ending Victimisation and Blame provide a safe, supportive, anonymous and non-judgemental space for those who have experienced Domestic & Sexual Violence and Abuse to share their experiences in confidence.

EVB Press was created to give survivors of domestic and sexual violence and abuse, academics, journalists, and writers a platform to share their views, experiences, research and thoughts on victim blaming. We welcome submissions of academic texts, autobiographies, anthologies, monographs, and poetry on the following subjects: domestic violence and abuse, sexual violence and abuse, victim blaming, male violence, rape culture, and misogyny. We also welcome texts on women’s history, genocide, and war as domestic and sexual violence and abuse cannot be separated from state-sanctioned violence or the erasure of women in history. Domestic and sexual violence and abuse does not exist in a vacuum. We aim to contextualise personal testimonies within a wider  understanding of violence recognising that the public/ private sphere does represent the reality of people who live with domestic and sexual violence and abuse.


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