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UnknownEveryday Victim Blaming: Challenging Portrayals of Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse in the Media is our first book which is available on Amazon as a kindle book or a paperback!

Everyday Victim Blaming is a collection of essays, speeches, and critique of the representation of domestic and sexual violence and abuse in the media. The book covers rape culture, celebrity culture, male violence, racism, classism and victim blaming. It includes essays written by Karen Ingala Smith, Alison Boydell, Joy Goh-Mah, Sian Norris and members of the Everyday Victim Blaming team!






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1. This is an outstanding piece of work. Everyday Victim Blaming are an organisation who challenge victim blaming in the media. They spend a lot of their time challenging the myths around domestic abuse and sexual violence, and regularly write & publish articles in the media which offer a very different view. This collection is a very good example of the kind of work they do. It is powerful, passionate and an absolute must for anyone interested in victim blaming. I highly recommend this for students, researchers, lecturers and practitioners. Great work.

2. To anyone interested in understanding the phenomenon of victim blaming, or who works in organisations whose remit covers domestic violence or male violence, or to journalists who would like to cover this lingering social disease, this collection of essays is a must.

Written by experts in the field, and curated by Louise Pennington, joint winner of the prestigious Emma Humphrey’s prize for her work in the field of violence against women, you won’t find a more insightful or relevant collection of essays on the damage of the UK media’s persistent prejudice against victims.

3, A must-read for anyone interested in taking a stand against the insidious culture of victim-blaming in 21st century Britain. In turns heart-breaking and frustrating but ultimately inspiring, the Emma Humphreys award winners show why this travesty against victims is vitally important and what you can do to stop it. A great resource for anyone working in any capacity with survivors or women and children touched by violence, such as in the media, to the police force to women’s services.


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